We are proud to provide training and mentorship for opportunity-challenged and financially disadvantaged individuals through our Soul Tea Success Path TM Development Program. Read more about our program below:

Self-Discovery Workshop Series: Crafting Your Life Plan

Embark on a transformative journey to the heart of your true self with our Self-Discovery Workshop Series. Over the course of six meticulously designed workshops—Who Am I, What Do I Want, What Is Standing in Your Way, Accountability and Ownership, Passion and Purpose, and Life Plan—you will unravel the threads of your identity, confront your deepest fears, and lay the foundation for a future that resonates with your core values and aspirations. This series is your steppingstone toward an authentic life, crafted with intention and purpose.


Countless individuals navigate life burdened by the shadows of trauma, insecurities, and a cacophony of negative self-talk. These internal dialogues, rooted in past experiences, often lead us down paths of self-doubt and insecurity. The enduring scars of our history can mistakenly become the defining elements of our identity. Our series aims to break these chains, offering a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Your Transformation Begins Here:

Who Am I?: Designed to transform negative self-talk into a positive self-view, this workshop guides you to discover your true self and potential, equipping you with tools to surpass limiting beliefs and embrace a liberated life.

What Do I Want?: This workshop is designed to help you break through self-imposed limitations, gain clarity on your desires across personal, family, spiritual, physical, and career aspects, and realize the full spectrum of possibilities for living life to its fullest.

What Is Standing in Your Way: This workshop delves deeper into self-discovery, uncovering barriers, beliefs, and relationships that impede your progress, while guiding you through renewal and healing with practical tools and identifying core values to navigate life choices for creating your desired future.

Accountability and Ownership: This workshop empowers you to take responsibility for your actions and choices, aligning them with your core values, and teaches you to set healthy boundaries and embrace failure as a step towards growth. It also guides you in identifying and managing emotional triggers from past experiences, emphasizing the significance of self-commitment in creating the life you desire.

Passion and Purpose: Here you will explore how connecting with your true passions and living with purpose can transform your life from mundane survival to a meaningful, fulfilled existence, by fostering confidence, revealing talents, and providing direction and focus to make empowered choices aligned with your core self.

Life Plan: Synthesize the insights and lessons from the series to create a comprehensive, actionable life plan. This final workshop equips you with the tools to implement your vision, complete with measurable goals and concludes with a graduation ceremony to celebrate your progress and readiness for the next step in your personal growth journey.

The Soul Tea Approach:

In our cohort-based workshops, you’ll engage in self-reflection, guided exercises, and group discussions within a supportive community, fostering deep self-exploration. Together, you’ll uncover and challenge the negative beliefs and self-talk influencing your self-perception, learning to craft a positive, empowering narrative. Our aim is for you and your cohort to discover and embrace your true identities and potential collectively.

Join a Community of Changemakers:

As you journey through each workshop, you will be part of a cohort of like-minded individuals, all committed to personal growth and authentic living. This community will become a professional network of support as you continue to navigate the complexities of life beyond our series.


By the end of the series, you will walk away with a meticulously crafted life plan, marked by measurable goals that reflect your true self and values. More than a plan, you will gain a strengthened professional network and a certificate of completion—symbols of your commitment to and achievement in embarking on a purpose-driven path.

What’s Next?

After completing the Self-Discovery Workshop and crafting your life plan, you’re invited to undertake the “Path Identification Assessment.” This tool will guide you in pinpointing the next steps in your journey. With a life plan in hand and an understanding of who you are and what you aspire to achieve, the crucial question now is: How do you activate this plan? We will pair you with a Soul Tea Advocate to help guide you through your next path.

Choose Your Next Path:

Career Advancement

Entrepreneurial Certification

Job Placement with one of our Community Partners